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 Ruth Sherman truly is the “speech coach to the stars.” With my new book coming out in April, I have been working with Ruth to make sure I am ready for “prime time.” Everything from on-camera presence, to developing my main messages to make sure I hit them again and again, Ruth is making sure that each time I appear, my books go flying off the shelves. I am honored to know her and excited to participate in her website launch. If you don’t come to this “party,” you’re making a BIG mistake.  

Jennifer Abernethy, CEO, The Sales Lounge,Author, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing”

My friends and colleagues have asked me why I’m doing this. After all, I’ve spent almost 20 years working with some of the world’s most successful CEOs, political candidates and Oscar-winning celebrities. I’m the author of a best-selling book on persuasion, Get Them To See It Your Way, Right Away: How to Persuade Anyone of Anything. (McGraw-Hill) that was declared a Best Business Book by the prestigious Library Journal. I am a leading authority in political communication, both style an substance. I’m an expert blogger for Fast Company and The Huffington Post.

And, before all of that, I had an amazing career as a NYC actress and jingle singer, singing and doing voice-overs for clients such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola (so I really do know my stuff when it comes to performing in front of groups).

Ruth is AMAZING in a professional capacity as well as being an incredible human being. First and foremost, she is a tremendous motivator. (The other women in the group were truly empowered by her words and came away with tools to be used ASAP.) I personally worked with Ruth on a project and acquired skills and tools during that process I have been able to successfully set and attain many professional and personal goals. Ruth is honest, precise and most of all, an expert in her field. She has a natural ability to unselfishly share her experiences and empower others to be successful. I am very much looking forward to seeing Ruth in action again.

 Bridget Klein, Partner, BDO Seidman

But that’s exactly why I want to give it away. I have been so privileged and passionate about communication and public speaking, and am so convinced that it’s the ticket to success, I am bursting to share what I know with you including:

Why SPEAKING is the BEST way to market yourself

Why you need to be “camera-ready” for the growing tidal wave of video- and teleconferencing

Why using just the right words can mean the difference between a “yes, sign me up” and a “no, thanks”

I first worked with Ruth in my former capacity as President and CEO of Timex. I depended on her to help me get my message out both in writing and speaking. My audiences were broad, ranging from our international workforce to our worldwide clientele to the Board of Directors. Today, as Chairman of UltraMotor, I still rely on Ruth’s insights and recommendations to help me do the vital work of influencing and persuading.

 Joe Santana,Chairman, Ultamotor

And that’s just what I have to offer. I’ve also enlisted a couple of superstar experts who have graciously agreed to share their extensive knowledge:

Jennifer Abernethy, America’s Million-Dollar Sales Stylist, CEO of The Sales Lounge and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Social Media Marketing (Penguin, April 6, 2010) will share some of her best Secrets of Social Media Marketing.

There are many pretenders, but only a few who really know how to use Social Media to market. Jenn is one of the gurus, my favorite expert and a nice person, too! (BTW, once Jenn’s book launches on 4/6/10, she’ll be impossible to nail down, so this time with her is truly special.)

Brad Olsen-Ecker, Creative Director/Designer of who has decades of experience working with gigantic, worldwide advertisers such as American Express, Microsoft, Pfizer and Major League Baseball who’ll tell us Why Great Design Makes Sense AND Money.

Brad is a brilliant designer and humorist, a senior expert in everything from type design to color to graphic image, as well as an accomplished fine artist who constantly shows his work.

Every day there will be something new and exciting.

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Monday, March 15

8 pm ET, 7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5 pm PT

Celebrity Speaking Secrets with Ruth Sherman

I’ll share what my Oscar-winning celebrity clients do to present themselves when they’re in the spotlight. I have worked extensively with celebs both in New York and in my new Los Angeles location.

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Tuesday, March 16, All Day Availability


Why Great Design Makes Sense AND Money with Brad Olsen-Ecker, Creative Director,

Learn from my special guest, Brad Olsen-Ecker, a true expert with decades of experience in graphic image, design and advertising, who will tell you why design is more important now than ever before, how to graphically represent yourself and your business on a budget, and what you need to know so your brand image is consistent with who you are and what you’re selling.

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Wednesday, March 17

8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT

Secrets of Social Media Marketing with Jennifer Abernethy, CEO of The Sales Lounge and Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing (Penguin, April 6, 2010; pre-order here)

Jenn is a former Million-dollar a year sales pro and a Social Media genius. During our conversation, you’ll learn how to leverage the new, new media to boost your biz in record time.

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Thursday, March 18, All Day Availability


“Powerful, Professional Presentations: A Quick Guide to Polishing Your Pitch” by Ruth Sherman

I wrote this especially for this celebration. In it are tools and tricks learned over my nearly 20 year career.

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Friday, March 19

2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, 12 pm MT, 11 am PT

“Ask Ruth!”

I’ll be taking your questions LIVE, to cap off the week. Anything you would like to know about communication and public speaking, if I know the answer, you’ll know the answer. If I don’t know, I’ll tell you where to go to get it. (This is the Grande Finale, so I’ll be pulling all the stops out.)

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When Universal/Focus Features bought and adapted my book, “Taking Woodstock,” for Ang Lee to direct, I was practically dancing on the moon. Then Universal informed me that I needed a handler to train me how to handle the upcoming onslaught of worldwide press/media that would be interviewing me. I didn’t think I needed a handler. After all, I’ve been doing interviews and radio/tv shows for over 30 years. How wrong I was.

They brought in the very delightful and knowledgeable Ruth Sherman to meet with me. Ruth coached me on how to handle what would be awkward and embarrassing questions. Her advice served me well in that she trained me how to redirect potentially damaging stuff into positive as well as statements that would have the desired impact that Ang Lee’s vision of my memoir was aiming for in the movie.

I expressed my deepest concern that my normal humorous way of expressing myself might get lost. Ruth analyzed those concerns and came up with exactly the right mix of my natural humor that would help me win the respect both my publisher and Universal wanted.

Ruth Sherman’s guidance continues to accompany me in my nationwide tour of colleges and universities. I can handle the enormous variety of questions from both conservative audiences to the liberal fans I generally appeal to. Of course, when not onstage, I am still free to rant and rave as I love to. lol


Elliot Tiber, Author, “Taking Woodstock.”



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Join me, Jennifer and Brad and get ahead of the competition by jumpstarting your public speaking and communication.

Gonna be fun!

P.S.: These are incredible opportunities to build your business, reach new customers and clients and create much more success, so don’t miss out!

P.P.S.: You will come away with so much new energy, inspiration, knowledge and information about high stakes communication and public speaking that you will be able to make 2010 your best year yet!

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